Programs & Services

Education Support Services

Education is the key to success. Gaining knowledge to aid the community to help the break cycle is the vision of ISYU. We hope to provide safe enviornments for the youth to access after-school programs, mentorships, and recreational sports.

  • Tutors who will provide personalized and group-based setting assistance.

  • Mentorship that will foster the youth into contributable and resourceful members of society.

  • Free afterschool program consisting of tutors and homework help.

ISYU will strive to provide comprehensive services to low-income individuals living within the community. Shelter is a right that all people are owed; regardless of their condition and background. We must aim to help those who are unable to receive the proper guidance in the housing process.

  • A collective effort to end homelessness.

  • Array of programs to address the problems of housing pricing disporporations and racial disparities in housing.

  • Programs are designed to prevent lack of housing for low-income households, at-risk, and the homeless.
The youth are the pillars of our society and will be pivotal to the advancement of uplifting our community. Providing services that help nurture their potential and highlight their capababilities is instrumental to the ISYU cause. We've implemented youth leadership programs and have supported youth soccer events that created positive connections and spread joy and love.

  • Teaching and mentoring younger peers

  • Offer specialized youth employment services, creative youth outdoor events, and youth preventative services.

  • Help youth find safety from the dangers of society; find housing, eat meals, receive mental support.